• Why you should consider Studying in South Africa through SiSA
  • Why you should consider Studying in South Africa through SiSA

Planning on Studying in South Africa this year? Perhaps considering distance learning programmes? Or you’re sponsoring someone’s education or a group of persons at a private or government university in South Africa this year? And you’re working within a budget range?

How about we give you 10 simple enough reasons why we believe you should consider hiring the services of South Africa’s leading education consultant; SiSA?

Incase you didn’t know, SiSA is an exclusively South African Education and Travel Consultant based in Johannesburg – South Africa with presence in over 17countries across 2 continents and counting. Our goal is simple actually; to assist you best we can in realising your study goals in South Africa at the lowest cost available in the market today. Our services includes but not limited to Counselling, Application, Admission Processing, Visa Procurement, Flight Reservations and Booking, Airport PickUp, Hotel Reservation & Bookings, Student Accommodation, Tuition Fees Payment, Scholarship & Sponsorship Facilitation, Educational Tours, to mention a few.


10 reasons why you should try SiSA:

  1. Affordability & Budget Friendly Consulting: SiSA brags about her ease of process and affordability. We are the most affordable exclusively South Africa Education and Travels Consultant in the world. Reason been that, if there is any other consultant in South Africa offering same standard and quality of service at a lesser price, we are willing to beat that, every time.
    We are passionate about making your dream of studying at any of Africa’s top ranking universities a reality. If you are serious about studying and/or living in South Africa and you’ve got a budget we can work with, we will assist you, even if you do not meet the basic requirements for admission at your choice school, we can recommend an alternative.
  2. Results-oriented Consulting: We are not profit driven, at least until 2017. Our focus is primarily to promote world-class education within Africa’s beautiful continent, and to provide access to quality and affordable education available in Africa for Africans and friends of Africa. Also our little way of promoting Africa’s number 1 destination for business and tourism and home to one of the greatest African and human that ever lived; South Africa.
  3. SiSA48 FastTracking Services: SiSA48 is our newest service package, initiated and launched officially in May 2016 and we already have over 50 responses across 5 countries. Although our challenge has been lots of people love this service but do not understand how it works. With SiSA48, we can secure an express admission for you at a private university in South Africa within 48hours. Thing is, you’ve gotta have a budget of from $2000, excluding your tuition fees. This is usually for executive students who can afford to facilitate a faster, express service.
    If you cannot afford this package, we’ve got an alternative package that gets your private university admission within 2weeks, top.
  4. SiSA Guarantees: First things first, before we even accept an application, we have review each to confirm that they meet the basic requirement for admission before proceeding. Every application we do for our applicants comes with a 2nd, possibly 3rd choice course and programme, this is safety measure we put in place to ensure an admission is guarantee.
    If you or your sponsor is concerned and need some assurances, SiSA Guarantees now offers 30, 60 and 90days Money-back guarantees so you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain. No other education or travel consultant will offer you this. Please note that this doesn’t automatically apply to every application, you would need to apply for SiSA Guarantees if you are interested in assurance. For additional information, please contact your country representative or email guarantees@studyinsouthafrica.net.
  5. 24Hours Unequalled Support: Everyone enjoys South Africa’s educational and travel consultation non-stop with SiSA’s Online Support available on top social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp: +27746723111, etc. Get answers to your questions any time, any day, regardless where you are in the world and the best part is – It’s absolutely FREE! With or without any commitment.
  6. South Africa Exclusivity: SiSA is an exclusively South Africa Education and Travel Consultancy. We are a only South African Universities Education Consultant, hence our services are focused, results-oriented, well targeted and void of misplaced priorities.
  7. SiSA Basic & Complete Packages: SiSA practically handles everything for you so that it becomes easier for you to just settle down and focus on whats more important, your studies. our Basic Package includes; Admission and Study Permit / Student Visa Only. SiSA Complete Package consist of everything you need such as Admission, Visa, Flight Booking, Airport PickUp, Accommodation, and more. We also assist students who are interested in procuring their respective work permit to work while studying in South Africa.
  8. SiSA Yearly Giveaways: We offer free flight yearly to encourage your dream. Every year SiSA partners with her sister brand TravelsandTours.co.za in giving away specials and such as airport pickup, part scholarship or/and tour of Johannesburg with the Free Ticket to one lucky international student. This are few of the ways we invest in our applicants.
  9. SiSAPays Pays UpTo $150: SiSAPays Referral Program can earn you extra cash before, during and after your studies in South Africa is done. You can practically pay for your studies with SiSAPays Affiliate Program. How? Simple! SiSA pays any and everyone who refers an applicant who is interested in studying at a Government University in South Africa and eventually takes action $100 and for private universities, $150 each. No stories – get paid once your referred applicant pay – instant!
  10. Field Advantage: We’ve had lots of international students come to us for assistance after they had personally secured their respective admissions at choice universities in South Africa. Why? Because there are core services we offer that most of these schools do not presently provide, especially for international students.
    Now there are certain programmes that most university in South Africa require physical presentation before your application can be considered, much less your admission and for same reason(s). With our years of experience and on-ground / field advantage, not to mention our official recognition-by and access-to these schools, you do not have to be physically present in South Africa for things to achieve your study goals. Plus we give you the latest updates on realities on-ground.


Got Questions for us?

We’d love to answer them. You can post your questions on the comment section below this blog post or fill the form below and one of our consultants will contact you within the hour.


Study in South Africa this year with SiSA - StudyinSouthAfrica.net - Admission and Student Visa
Study in South Africa this year with SiSA – StudyinSouthAfrica.net

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