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SiSA South Africa Education Consultant is a team of purpose driven and passionate consultants focused on helping you realise your academic aspirations in Africa, because you actually can.


Meet StudyinSouthAfrica.net (SiSA)

World class education has been available, accessible and affordable in Africa for years yet loads of African youths grow up with a dream of studying outside the continent due to the sad state of most institutions they know. On the other hand, loads of Africans are not aware of how affordable it is to study at a world class university in Africa because of the cost of travel consultancy within their respective countries. This inspires our passion of providing access to these universities at the lowest cost available in the market and sometimes free.

Sandra (CEO of SOC) decided to commit her firm towards implementing an idea of creating opportunities for Top Ranked Universities in South Africa and students can have easy accessibility so that Africans can realise their academic dream within the continent. This gave birth to StudyinSouthAfrica.net (SiSA), one of South Africa’s fast growing Education and Travel Consultancy.

StudyinSouthAfrica.net (SiSA) is an exclusively South African Educational and Travel Consulting Firm based in Johannesburg with presence across 15 countries in 2 continents and counting. We are mostly a remotely operated consultancy. Our purpose centres on bridging the gap between the universities in South Africa and their prospective international students whereby for the schools, we assist in recruiting applicants around the world who wants to study in South Africa by providing them with everything they need to ensure their individual experience is pleasant and successful.

For the students, we assist them in securing admission into any of Africa’s Top Ranking Private or Government Universities in South Africa to do their Short Course, Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Degree (Undergraduate) Studies, Masters (Postgraduate Studies), PhD, Honours, Doctorate Studies, etc, within their budget range and at the most affordable service cost available in the market today. Please see our Services for more information on how we can assist you achieve your dreams in South Africa.

To provide assistance and support to everyone interested in realising their academic dream at any Private or Government University in South Africa by creating or facilitating the enabling platforms that ensures credibility, affordability, accessibility, ease and results.

Assisting hardworking, determined, resourceful but economically challenged applicants through educational materials and referral programs as well as providing access to existing sponsorship opportunities wherever available and whenever feasible.

1. Service Excellence: At StudyinSouthAfrica.net (SiSA), we set a bar of excellence and periodically improve upon it to ensure that only the best available value for service at our disposal is what we give. Excellence is a watchword for us.

2. Affordability: SiSA understands funding can be a huge challenge hence we are determined to beat any genuine South Africa Educational Consultancy charges anywhere in the world to retain our position as the most profitably affordable consultant you will find!

3. Result-Oriented Consulting: We understand that the success of our business is based on providing results for our clients hence our consultation will remain free until such as client is ready and we can always guarantee value for money or get a refund. Our reputation is more important to us.

1. To directly or indirectly influence the number of Africans studying in Africa towards the eventual development of Africa.

2. To work directly with all accredited colleges and universities within South Africa.

3. To inspire a generation of young Africans to think entrepreneurship and economic independence.

4. To become one of South Africa’s Most Influential Education Consultant for African target audience.

5. To become South Africa’s most innovative Education consultant.

StudyinSouthAfrica (SiSA) is a subsidiary of Sandra Ohre Consults (SOC) in partnership with LGOS Consults Pty Ltd. and in collaboration with lots of private and government universities as well as education and travels consultancy and businesses within and outside South Africa for the singular purpose of bringing the possibilities of quality education within Africa to Africans and friends of the continent.

StudyinSouthAfrica.net Unique Selling Edge

Africa Exclusivity:

Study in South Africa Education Consultant at SiSA. Call +27110519716.As the name goes; StudyinSouthAfrica.net, SiSA’s primary and only focus is Africa and South Africa houses most of the top ranked universities in the continent. We exclusively recruit international students for universities in South Africa. This is not only made clear in the choice of name but also reflected in our target-driven services, which is strategic to providing desired or alternative results toward favourable resolve within Africa.

For instance if you reside within or outside the continent and have an interest in studying in South Africa, we can totally assist you with everything you need.

That said, we can always refer persons interested in studying outside the continent to our partners who can assist them with whatever they would be needing to realise their desired goals.

Because we believe without any iota of doubt that you can find the same quality standard of education you need to be whoever you want to become in Life, here in Africa. “It always seems impossible until it is done”Madiba (Nelson Mandela)

Free Consultancy with Guidance and Counselling

Study in South Africa 24hours Support - Study in South Africa Education Consultant at SiSA. Call +27110519716.The quality of our website should give you an idea of how informative we are about providing valuable information as most of what we provide you free here would require a consultancy fee of a sort before you could have access to a few of such rich details with most consultants in our line of business.

Our Online Application eForm contains the basic information requested at most universities in South Africa while filling an application, which puts us in a position to quickly provide you with relevant guidance based on the details provided and recommend the best options combining course, program, season and affordability as well as save time.

Our guidance and counselling is absolutely free of charge to help you decide between course, program as well as school selection, matching desire, qualification, affordability and feasibility.

The Surest Cost Effective Approach

Study in South Africa Education Consultant at SiSA. Call +27110519716.SiSAAffordability Promise states that; if there is any other education and travel consultant out there offering you the same quality of services and deliverables offered at SiSA with a MoneyBack Guarantee and at a lesser cost, we are willing and ready to match their offer, any day, any time and anywhere in the world.

At least till 2017, SiSA’s priority is not profit-making but to assist as much Africans and friends of Africa in realising their academic dream in Africa (particularly South Africa) and putting smiles in as much faces as we possibly can. This team challenge nevertheless has been a blessing as the expressions of gratitude and exhale we get from our applicants (and their sponsors) who never thought it possible has been very rewarding.

SiSA Many Freebies & Offers

Study in South Africa Education Consultant at SiSA. Call +27110519716.

We periodically offer up to 30% special discounts on specific or general services within a stipulated period of time, to give opportunity to loyal fans who have liked our social pages.

Additionally, as our little way of contributing to realising the academic dreams of our prospective applicants; every year since 2014 SiSA has decided to sponsor an applicant’s flight ticket to come study in South Africa. This freebie includes return ticket to South Africa, Airport PickUp, Celebrity reception upon arrival and a Welcome-To-South-Africa treat (Complimentary Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner and a City Sightseeing Tour of Johannesburg and Soweto).

Courtesy of StudyinSouthAfrica.net (SiSA) in partnership with SOC TravelsandTours.co.za.

Money Back Guarantee

Study in South Africa Education Consultant at SiSA. Call +27110519716.

SiSA believes that you deserve you receive value for your money on services paid for hence we ensure that we are able to deliver on our promises wherever within our ability to do so and at any point we are not able to deliver on specific promises made or provide an alternative solution, we are very willing to refund you back your money and officially apologise for any inconvenience caused within set period.

SiSA’s Get Admission or Get Your Money Back is an offer no educational or travel consultant will give you but we are willing to, as this goes a long way to reassure you that you can take a chance with us at no cost to you eventually. Our Terms & Conditions are straight forward and on point and you would agree with us that is it second to none in the industry.

What Are You Waiting For? Apply Online now and take your first step of securing your admission to study your choice course and program at preferred university in South Africa within your budget range.

SiSAPays Referral System

SiSAPAYS - Study in South Africa Education Consultant at SiSA. Call +27110519716.SiSAPays was birthed from an idea that grew into a believe that with the right system in place, every person who wants to study in South Africa but has financial challenge should be able to sponsor themselves if given the opportunity to. SiSAPays Affiliate Program was designed to assist these applicants by paying them a commission between $100 – $150 for everyone they refer to us that takes action. SiSAPays is also handy for sponsors who want to sponsor multiple applicants, as it gives them an opportunity to save money on every subsequent applicant they sponsor.

Now SiSAPays has grown and extended to accommodate everyone else, in other words, you don’t need to be an applicant with intent to study in South Africa or sponsor anyone to earn cool money from referring people to SiSA. More than just pay our affiliates, we also assist them to achieve their desired goals by putting in place strategies that makes it easy for them to get results.

Study in South Africa Education Consultant at SiSA. Call +27110519716.StudyinSouthAfrica.net (SiSA) return lots of calls on a daily basis to provide crucial support, especially those who tend to run out of call credit. We can make a single, conference and audio-visual call-backs to speak with our applicant(s), sponsor(s) or financiers to answer all their many questions and if necessary, schedule a presentation session with decision makers at their office(s) to reassure them of results wherever in doubts.

To request for SiSA Call.Me.Back, all you need do is send us your Name, Email Address, Request, Purpose for call, Time frame to call and Date to call to +27781828178. For instance; “Nelson Mandela, nelson@studyinsouthafrica.net, CallMeBack, Admission & Visa, 10am-12pm, 4/7/2015” and send as text message to +27781828178. Upon receipt, one of our educational consultant will contact you accordingly.

Study in South Africa Education Consultant at SiSA. Call +27110519716.

We have a clear Mandate of taking the possibilities that comes with SiSA to every potential applicant by having our presence registered via strategic collaboration in all the countries in Africa by 2020. To achieve this we will be working directly with local Educational and travel consultants or businesspeople, entrepreneurs, etc. We also plan on creating a variety of grassroots awareness campaigns and exhibitions within these locations. We are very hopeful that this would inspire direct sponsorship opportunities for the less privileged but deserving applicants in these countries by way of issuing scholarship awards to study at one of Africa’s reputable institution of learning in South Africa.

REPRESENTATIVES NEEDED IN ALL COUNTRIES WITHIN AND OUTSIDE AFRICA!!! If you are a Counsellor, Travel & Education Consultant or Businessperson from anywhere in the world and interested in working together, please email partners@studyinsouthafrica.net or call +27110519716. Thank You.

Study at any Private or Government University in South Africa

High Standard of Education

A high quality educational system subject to strict South Africa Government standards is what you will find at most of the country’s Universities. Internationally accredited institutions with intercontinentally recognised certifications, which gives you workplace edge in your country. South Africa has most of the top ranked universities in the Africa.

U.N. Rating: SA Universities Ranks Best in Africa

The United Nations has rated South Africa as having one of the highest standards of living in the world and According to World Ranking in 2012 -2013, South Africa university remain the best in the continent. South Africa is known for its high quality education system and degree programs, employment opportunities and hospitality. Home to 51.8 million people, South Africa is distributed over 9 provinces and territories.

Unique for International Students

Popular South Africa cities include Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Limpopo, free state and a lot more. Every year, there are more than 130,000 students who come to study in South Africa, including those studying French language.

Experience A Sensational South Africa

As one of the world’s favourite and Africa’s Highest tourist destination; the beauty of South Africa nature life and scenery is remarkably better experienced than told. There are Four distinct seasons in South Africa (autumn/fall, winter, spring, summer). An inspiring environment great for nursing and shaping ideas.

Low cost of Living in South Africa

Year-round affordable sport and cultural activities across South Africa. Food and fruits and groceries are very affordable and the general cost of living is low and unique especially for students. Accommodation are paid on a convenient monthly basis

Highly Sociable and Hospitable Country

South Africa is a multicultural society which values diverse customs and traditions hence highly hospitable to visitors and foreigners • A stable, safe and peaceful country • Clean and environmentally friendly South African cities.

Very Easy Admission Requirements

The requirements for gaining admission into any Government and private university in South Africa is actually very easy to meet. For Basic Degree Programs, you must be 16year, have an international passport and have at least 5 O’level credit to qualify for a undergraduate program.

Affordable Tuition with Flexible Payment

The amazing fact that a world class Standard of education in South Africa could be as affordable as $300 for a full short course program is one of the most interesting thing about studying in South Africa. With this also come convenient payment, where you can pay for tuition conveniently before your program is done.

Meet our amazing Team of Directors

The Almighty

Global Operations Director (G.O.D.)

Our G.O.D. is responsible for providing result-oriented inspirations and ideas and security to ensure that all implementation strategies goes according to plan. HE perfects our collective efforts and guarantees deliverables on all client services.

Sandra E. Ohre

MD/Chief Consultant

CEO at SEO. Oversees SiSA’s expansion development, administration, staff management, accreditation, and educational reorientation. Sandra supervises all students application, admission, Embassy and Home Affairs Related issues.

Lifeman Gad O.

Partner / Brand Consultant

Partner at SOC. Responsible for building Service Packages, Brand Management, and General Marketing Portfolio for SOC and it’s subsidiaries globally. Directly oversees SOC operations in Nigeria and environs via Lifemangado Studios.

Want to be part of our Amazing Team of Consultants?

We are constantly in search for Education and Travel Consultants around the world to work with. Please get in touch.

Meet a few of our totally amazing global team

Feel free to transact with them on behalf of SiSA in your respective countries. See contact page for full details.

Imperial Ed Services

Ikeja, Lagos. +2348092057880

Bright Education Consultant

Nairobi, Kenyan. +254 707 630963

NI Consultants

Lahore, Pakistan. +92 3024347634

Ese Travels & Tours Ltd.

Onipanu, Lagos. +2348034103517

Anurag Rastogi

Uttar Pradesh, India. +91-9838993657

Agbo Mawuli Edmund

Accra, Ghana. +233249770690

Wisdom Ayara

Port Harcourt, Nigeria. +2347030793097

Tádéshe Opéyemí Peter

Abidjan, Ivory Coast, +22505029959

Ini Stephen

Ogun, Nigeria. +2348028265112

Oliver Shupa

Zambia. +260977827860

Pastor Abayomi

Benin Republic. +22966824831

Fred Inaefe

Congo Brazzaville. +242066442048

SiSA is brought to you courtesy of:

Sandra Ohre Consults (SOC)

Owners of SiSA

LGOS Consults (Pty) Ltd.

Partner / Brand Consulting Managers

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