Gain admission into ANY Private or Government University in South Africa.

At Study in South Africa (SiSA), we offer a comprehensive education and travel consultancy package to ensure your successful application and admission to study your choice course and program at any Private or Government University in South Africa.

If there is a school in South Africa that you are interested in applying at but is not listed below, please email us and we will see how we can assist you in achieving your dream of studying at your dream school in South Africa.

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South Africa is a great place to live and achieve career or professional goals. South Africa is also a desirable county for students looking to explore new educational opportunities and boost their academic portfolio. Some Key benefits of Schooling in South Africa include:

High Standard of Education

A high quality educational system subject to strict South Africa Government standards is what you will find at most of the country’s Universities. Internationally accredited institutions with intercontinentally recognised certifications, which could stand you out for employment opportunities in your country.

U.N. Rating: SA Universities Ranks Best in Africa

The United Nations has rated South Africa as having one of the highest standards of living in the world and According to World Ranking in 2012 -2013, South Africa university remain the best in the continent. South Africa is known for its high quality education system and degree programs, employment opportunities and hospitality. Home to 51.8 million people, South Africa is distributed over 9 provinces and territories.

Unique for International Students

Popular South Africa cities include Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Limpopo, free state and a lot more. Every year, there are more than 130,000 students who come to study in South Africa, including those studying French language.

Experience A Sensational South Africa

As one of the world’s favourite and Africa’s Highest tourist destination; the beauty of South Africa nature life and scenery is remarkably better experienced than told. There are Four distinct seasons in South Africa (autumn/fall, winter, spring, summer). An inspiring environment great for nursing and shaping ideas.

Enjoy SA's Low cost of Living

Year-round affordable sport and cultural activities across South Africa. Food and fruits and groceries are very affordable and the general cost of living is low and unique especially for students. Accommodation are paid on a convenient monthly basis

Highly Sociable and Hospitable Country

South Africa is a multicultural society which values diverse customs and traditions hence highly hospitable to visitors and foreigners • A stable, safe and peaceful country • Clean and environmentally friendly South African cities.

Very Easy Admission Requirements

The requirements for gaining admission into any Government and private university in South Africa is actually very easy to meet. For Basic Degree Programs, you must be 16year, have an international passport and have at least 5 O’level credit to qualify for a undergraduate program.

Affordable Tuition with Flexible Payment

The amazing fact that a world class Standard of education in South Africa could be as affordable as $300 for a full short course program is one of the most interesting thing about studying in South Africa. With this also come convenient payment, where you can pay for tuition conveniently before your program is done.

Studying in South Africa can be a dream come true or night mare... depending on choices made during your stay

SiSA can help you avoid avoidable mistakes must visitors or students make during their temporal stay in South Africa. We offer a complete package that ensures everything you need is taken care of before, during and after your stay in South Africa.

Get an Educational Tour

As a visitor to South Africa, you need to know the basic dos and don’ts of your new environment. A tour guide is highly recommended.

Always Remain Focused

Even Paradise can be a den of hell if you misplace priorities. You are in South Africa for a reason; stay true to your primary purpose.

Join SiSA Community

Isolating yourself in South Africa can get difficult sometimes. With SiSA Online Community, you can share issues with SiSAns.

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  1. Isah shehu

    Very nice, i wish to study there

  2. Webster Wetshwar Yakubu

    Am greatful for these is an opportunity for some of us most especially me, to go and study out of my country nigeria, I will be glad if am being considered for my studies. At first I was thinking that people like me who are less pre village can’t go out of our country , pls I will like sisa agents to pls help me with the admission and all that is necessary and pls I will need sisal to contact me throu the mobile number am posting now 08035573183 or 08074167614. Looking forward to ur response. Thanks once more.

    • Study in South Africa

      Dear Mr Webster Yakubu, Thank you for your comments, however we can assure you that with us studying in South Africa is easier and affordable. Please start your journey today by filling your online application form.
      Click here to start.
      Once we receive your application, one of our consultant will call you to guide you through the entire process.
      See you soonest in South Africa.

  3. Isola Beauty

    This is good, Will love to further my education over there. Please can’t find the requirements for PhD. Kindly send it to my mail. Am a Nigerian. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

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