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SiSAPays Affiliate Program

SiSAPays was birthed from repeated close encounters with our applicants. Most of whom wants to study in South Africa but can’t afford even the lowest cost. A few could afford their tuition fees but considering the cost of ticket, accommodation, feeding, to mention a few, they still had funding issues. We had to think of a way SiSA could help applicants sponsor their education and also have extra cash to keep body and soul together. We realised we also needed help with achieving our MISSION2020 of continental presence hence the birth of SiSAPays Affiliate Program.
SiSAPays is one of the strategic ways SiSA helps those who wants to study in South Africa (or not) from any parts of the world, afford to sponsor their education and still have extra money by referring people who either wants to Study or Sponsor someone’s education in South Africa to StudyinSouthAfrica.net (SiSA). SiSAPays pays you $100 or $150 per lead depending on your scenario.

SiSAPays was exclusively for applicants who are interested in studying in South Africa but is now extended to whoever is interested in earning extra cash. As at July 2015, SiSAPays Affiliate Program has put in place a system that allows us to do all the work while you earn easily. How? Simple! All you need is the desire and perhaps a good database of leads.

All you need is a  is very easy to join, and anyone can now join by simply signing up by filling the short affiliate form and we will send you your affiliate program ID, which you can immediately start sharing.
Have A Goal in mind while signing up for SiSAPays Affiliate Program. If your goal is to raise $1000 for study, all you need is 10 quality leads from GAP Scenarios (x $100) or 7 quality leads from PAP Scenarios (x $150) or a good combination of both. This formula applies regardless your financial goals. SiSAPays has the potential of funding your application, admission and visa processing, flight ticket, airport pickup, accommodation and even feeding, to mention a few.
There are 2 scenarios; the GAP and PAP Scenarios; GAP earns you $100 per lead while PAP earns you $150 per lead. For instance, if you have 100 GAP leads and 10 pays, you earn $1000. 10 paid PAP leads earns you $1500.
Leads are the people (or the contacts of people) you refer to us; they could be interested in Studying or Sponsoring Someone’s Education in South Africa and are ready to pay. A Quality Lead is someone who wants to study abroad, is ready and can afford to. A High Quality Lead is someone who specifically wants to study abroad, within Africa, is ready and can afford to. Now a Premium Quality Lead is someone who wants to study specifically in South Africa, is ready and can afford to pay for it. All you need do with them is send them our way.
A good start would be from your immediate network of friends, acquaintances, family members, neighbours or even enemies. All you basically need is their contact. Alternatively, you could generate lead via your website, blog, social pages, bbm group, whatsapp group, at church, mosque, etc the list is endless.
Our 2 Target Audience are those interested in admission at a Private or Government University. It simply means Government Applicant (GAP) and Private Applicant (PAP).
There is no limit as to how much you could earn with SiSAPays Affiliate Program on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. It is a system that pays you every time your lead pays so if 100 people from your network of 1000 leads pays, you earn between ($100 x 100 paid lead) $10,000 and ($150 x 100 paid lead) $15,000. Your earning has the potential of funding your study and living in South Africa.

Affiliate Sign Up Form

Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB

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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Interested in SiSAPays Affiliate Program

Extra Cash Hurts No One

With SiSAPays you can make extra cash by doing little or nothing. Sign Up, Refer or send leads and we do the work. The best part is that there is no limit to how much you can earn if you have a potent lead database.

No Skills Needed

You don’t have to be a skilled marketer or good at talking to people neither do you have to be sociable to start making money with SiSAPays Affiliate Program. Just refer them to us and we will do all the work. This mean anyone can SignUp.


You get paid immediately your referred lead pays. No stories told. No delayed payment on our part! It is instant depending on your bank options and location. All Round Payments every time a new lead pays.

Global Referral System

Anywhere you are in the world; you could refer leads to us via your website, fan page, blog, group, fanpage, bbm, whatsApp, using your affiliate code or simply send us all their contact details and we will take it from there.

Unlimited Earning Possibility

You decide how much you want to earn; we help you calculate your goals and benchmarks. You can earn from $10,000 upwards in a day, week, month, or year. There is no limit to how much an affiliate earns on SiSAPays Affiliate Program.

Study in South Africa FREE

Plan on studying in South Africa next year? Then you should Sign Up Now and you could actually sponsor education and trip as well as stay abroad with other people’s money. We can help you achieve this goal but first things first, take the first step.

Very Easy StartUp Process

First register an account on StudyinSouthAfrica.net, fill the signup form above, upload your respective database (phone number and email addresses), and send. An affiliate consultant will call you within 24hours to get you started immediately.

Easy Payments Options

SiSAPays affiliates via PayPal, Direct Bank Deposits, Money Transfers or Cash payment via Country Representatives depending on your location and preferred method. Funds are exchangeable for SiSA Service such as admission or visa, etc.

Not Referral Savvy? Still Got Questions? Need Help Getting Started?
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For me the best thing about SiSAPays is that I dont have to talk to anyone about anything. My Lead Database and SiSA Marketing Team does all the work and I earn very useable money for doing absolutely nothing. It's just like been paid for being sociable. Brilliant...
Zainab Benin Republic
This system works perfect for me as a businessman into travels and tours with lots of my clients asking for education opportunities in South Africa. All I do is refer them to SiSA using my SiSAPays ID and get paid every time they pay. Makes Loads Of Business Sense!
Anonymous Nairobi, Kenya
Results has a way of motivating one. This system works best if you've got contacts and I've got loads of contacts I'm glad I didn't delete, now they pay me. Infant right now am social mitch for one singular purpose, to build up my database and earn more cash.
Victor Lagos, Nigeria



    i am an international recruitment agent from Nigeria, i work with surexcel international ltd. please kindly send us information on how to partner with this organization.

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    havin registration problems

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    Can I Join Without Having A Website

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