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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is the meaning of SiSA?

SiSA is the acronym for Study in South Africa, which is an action synonym of what we do. For instance; If you want to SiSA, you are in the right place; lets get started when you’re ready.

Is SiSA a South African College/University?

No it is not. Study in South Africa (SiSA) is a subsidiary of Sandra Ohre Consults (SOC), a registered consultancy firm in Johannesburg, whose primary goal is to assist interested persons in securing admission at any private or government university at the most affordable fees available.

Who are the owners of SiSA?

The SiSA brand is a registered subsidiary of SOC and brought to you in partnership with LGOS Consults and focused at providing access to affordable world-class travel and education consultancy to whosoever from anywhere in the world, that is serious about studying and living in South Africa, within a reasonable budget range.

What are the services currently been offered by SiSA?

In simple terms, SiSA services are created to cover everything you would need from deciding what course or programme or what university to study at to applying at a school, and eventually settling as a student in South Africa or online (for distance elearning students). This services includes but not limited to; South African Educational Consultancy, College/University Application & Admission Processing, Student Visa Procurement, Accommodation, Tuition Payments, Airport Pickup & DropOff Services, Flight Tickets Bookings, Hotel Reservations, Educational Tours, Scholarship and Sponsorship, to mention a few…

What Universities does SiSA represent in South Africa?

SiSA can help you gain admission to study any course or programme at any private or government universities anywhere in South Africa.

Few of the schools SiSA presently consults for includes; University of South Africa (UNISA), University of Pretoria, Pretoria University of Johannesburg, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of Western Cape, Boston City Campus and Business College, Damelin College Johannesburg, Intec College Johannesburg, Anointed University Johannesburg, University of Witwatesrand Johannesburg, University of Cape Town, Aviation College and Academy Johannesburg, Pilot Training School Johannesburg, South Africa Nursing School Johannesburg, St Mary Marianhill Nursing College Stellenbosch, Academy of Design and Photography Johannesburg, Nikon School of Photography, LondonSchool SA, to mention a few.

How do you mean any university in South Africa?

If there is any particular private or government university in South Africa that you are interested in studying at but is not listed among the schools we mentioned, SiSA can go in search of this school for you to process your admission into that school. Plus, we assist our applicants with other facilities that most schools in South Africa might not be able to assist you with such as your procuring respective study and/or work permit, accommodation, etc.

Is SiSA exclusively based in South Africa?

Not exactly. We function through partners and country representatives such as Educational Consultants, or Travels Agents or trusted Entrepreneurs in other countries to spread the opportunities that comes with the SiSA Edge to prospective applicants in that country. Presently, we are in over 17countries in 2continents and counting, and these includes but not limited to Nigeria, India, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Benin Republic, Zambia, Kenya, and Congo Brazzaville plus more.

Is SiSA exclusively for Nigerians or Africans?

Absolutely not! Obviously most of SiSA’s applicants who are willing to model for us are Nigerians nevertheless if you are interested in graduating from any of Africa’s top ranked universities in South Africa, then SiSA is for you.

It may interest you to know that we have had applicants from non-African countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, India, Paris, USA, UK to mention a few.

Great! How may I contact SiSA country representatives?
  1. Ma’am Sandra > sa@studyinsouthafrica.net > +27730361606, +27746723111
  2. Mr. Soji > nigeria@studyinsouthafrica.net > +2348160640003
  3. Mawulikplim Agbo > ghana@studyinsouthafrica.net > +233249770690
  4. Mr. Fred Inaefe > congo@studyinsouthafrica.net > +242066442048, +242010451854
  5. Pastor Abayomi Arole > benin@studyinsouthafrica.net > +22966824831
  6. Mr Peter > cotedivoire@studyinsouthafrica.net > +22505029959
  7. Mr Oliver Shupa Simpukile > zambia@studyinsouthafrica.net > +260977827860
  8. Mr Anurag Rastogi > india@studyinsouthafrica.net

For other country representatives, please click here to check our contact page for their respective contact details.

What are the basic requirements for application?

Simplified version: Applicant must be 16years of age and above as at the day of application, must have a minimum of 5 O’level Credit and a valid international passport. This must be accompanied with a college application form. For other and more updated information on the basic requirements for admission, please click here.

What are the entire processes involved?

First you accurately fill your application form online then send a clean scanned copy of your Photo and International Passports, Results & Certificates Documents and all other relevant documents to applications@studyinsouthafrica.net.
Upon successful submission, you will receive an emailed invoice to enable you pay for your Private/Government application form respectively.

From this point, depending on your type of application, a SiSA consultant will be assigned to you to guide you through Your Admission Processing, which end results to your admission letter.

Once your admission letter is out, SiSA will provide you with all the documentation required for successfully applying for a Student Visa at your country’s SA Embassy or Visa Processing Centres.

At this, depending on what SiSA services you selected, we will proceed to take care of your Flight, Airport Pickup, Hotel Reservations, Accommodation, and so on.

Is the Application Form for SiSA or the University?

We represent loads of schools in South Africa hence we couldn’t have all their various application forms on our website therefore we created a SiSA Online Application containing all the required questions in these forms. This way it becomes easier to manage. After filling and submit your SiSA Application online, we transfer the information into the form of your school of interest.

Is the application form free?

Yes it is, depending on how you look at it. Govt. schools application form is $32 while the private schools form is $50.

How can I pay for the application form from my location?

An emailed invoice will be sent to your email address to enable you make online payments using your credit card. However for those without this facility, there are other methods of payment such as Bank Deposits or Funds Transfers, Online Banking Transfers, or Money Transfers.
For those within a country where SiSA is represented, you may as well pay at our partner’s office and send proof of payments to payments@studyinsouthafrica.net.

What is the total cost estimation of studying in South Africa?

There are loads of factors that actually determines the total cost; such as course module, program, school of choice, to mention a few. That said, Tuition fees are as low as $300 for a complete 3months short course program and $1000 for a degree program yearly.

Once you have applied, your consultant will help you calculate a cost estimate based on the information unique to your application.

What of accommodation and other expenses?

The idea behind having your consultant is so that they can assist you with working with a budget. There are numerous options available in SA for student. To simplify it enough, lifestyle determines the actual cost estimation. Therefore your consultant will walk you through these options.

I am merely making inquiries, do I still need the form?

That Depends on how far you are willing to go. There are information we cannot provide until you fill your application form such as attending to specific information such as budget calculations and other specialised support.

Most premium information are exclusively for SiSA Applicants and you need to get your form to become one.

Is the Admission Processing Free?

No It is not. The cost of Admission processing with student visa documentation for 1 or 2years is determined by the program you are applying for however your assigned consultant will guide you on the best options available.

Can I pay 50% Admission Processing upfront?

SiSA presently allows scholarship applicants to pay 50% on their admission processing. However if you think you can convince us that you should also get same privilege, kindly email info@studyinsouthafrica.net. For those who cannot afford 80%, we could allow 60%. However upon receipt of admission letter, you would be required to balance up before we assist you with your student visa procurement.

Why can't I pay after I receive my admission letter?

SiSA stopped processing admission for applicants since January 2014. Reasons been that all 7 applicants who were extended this rare privilege abused such privilege by not fulfilling their end of the deal. Upon receipt of Admission Letter, these wicked persons stopped all communications with us. If they eventually pick our calls, there is always a very fascinating excuse or they avoid our calls all together. Since 2012 till date, none of these 7 applicants has come/called to claim their admission letters nor refund monies paid on their behalf to secure admissions.

The amazing thing is recalling the extent some of them had had to go through to plead for our assistance. There is no point continuing a process that doesn’t work. This is why you need to pay for your admission processing if you are serious about it.

We wouldn’t want a few confused individuals to frustrate the good work our team is working tirelessly to put together.

What are the guarantees of admission?

SiSA offers guaranteed admission on early applications and money back guarantees of fully paid early applications. For more information, ask your consultant about The SiSA Guarantees.

What are the available courses are available?

SiSA was able to to put together a collective course brochure that represents available courses offered in most South African Universities. Visit your Application Form page for more details.

What Programs are available to study?

You can do your Short Programs, Undergrad (Degree), Postgrad/Masters (Certificate/Diploma), Honours, Certificates, Advance Certificate, Advance Diploma, BSc, BEd, LLB, BCom, National Diploma, National Higher Certificate, Doctorate, etc.

How do I apply online?

Great! Please go to studyinsouthafrica.net/eform

Can SiSA assist me with a Student Visa?

Yes we can assist you in procuring a South African Student Visa!

When are the yearly entry dates for Admission?

January Winter Entry, June Summer Entry and September Autumn Entry respectively.

When does the application for 2015 closes?

That depends on the Entry dates you are applying for however we alway recommend early application especially for international students.

When is it late entry for an application window?

It depends on the school and program you are interested in. We recommend that all applications come in atleast 2days before admission closes. All science applicants must have applied atleast 3weeks before closure. Meaning all applicants must have made part-payment for their admission processing on or before such date.

Will I gain admission if I apply on the closing date?

Yes you could if you are not doing sciences and if you are applying at the University of South Africa (UNISA). However for other schools, there are other factors to consider.

What is the guarantee in late application?

Early application and admission processing of atleast 3weeks before admission closes is guaranteed however if admission is processed during late entries period, it becomes a 50-50 chance. That said, it is important to mention that we have had a successful admission for an application done during closing date.

Do I need any entrance exams to gain admission?

No please. No entrance exam is required, however for some science courses.

What is the failure rate of gaining admission into a SA University?

SiSA has had a 95% successes rate till date. The remaining 5% failures we had were due to late responses from clients who insisted we try and there was the under-age issues.

What if I do not gain admission?

SiSA can reapply for the next application for you free; however you will be required to pay atleast $200 only upon receipt of admission letter.
Refunds are exclusive to applicants with met certain requirements prior to applying. Please read terms & conditions governing the Admission Refund Guarantee.

What if I cannot afford SiSA Affordable Schools?

No worries. There are other opportunities such as Study Loans, Scholarship and Sponsorship programs offered by most of these institutions, corporate and non-profit organisations which you can apply for.
Additionally there is SiSAPays Referral Program plus you can apply for Word Permit to study and work to pay your way through.

How may I apply for Scholarship?

To apply for Scholarship into any school of interest, you need to first gain admission into that institution. If you already have your admission letter, SiSA can assist you with your scholarship application, free. But if you do not have, SiSA can assist you in gaining admission so you can apply for scholarship.

SiSA has created a platform where prospective applicants with funding challenges can work their way through. We call it SiSAPays Referral Program.

What is SiSAPays & how may I benefit from this?

Simply put; SiSAPay is our referral program that allows sponsors save money on admission and anyone make money from referring us to interested applicants. You can earn from $50 upwards referring an applicant.

How do I get started with SiSAPays?

Simple, just click http://studyinsouthafrica.net/sisapays-affiliate-program for more information – feel free to respond to it by either filling the form or sending relevant emails to sisapays@studyinsouthafrica.net for assistance.

How can I apply for Work Permit?

That is to be done upon arrival in South Africa. SiSA will assist you with your South Africa Work Permit Application.

Does SiSA do Educational Tours

Yes we assist students and their families experience the beautiful educational sights and sounds of Africa in South Africa.

Does SiSA run any Seminars I can attend?

Yes we periodically host prospective applicants to answer their questions about what SiSA can do for you. Please fill the SiSA Contact Me Form on the footer of the site to subscribe to the latest updates from us. We will invite you to our next seminar close to you.

What if I want to work for/with SiSA?

We’d be delighted to have you join our team so you are welcome. Please see the career page for openings or email us to let us know how you can positively be part of what we are doing at SiSA.

Please explain SiSA Scholarship & Sponsorship?

In lots of ways they are very similar however sponsorship to us happens when we work/partner with a sponsor (individual, corporate or non-profit or religious organisations) to process the admission for a number of applicants while scholarship is offered by the institution.

Another clear difference is, scholarship could be denied for whatever justifiable reason(s), however sponsorship is certain. However SiSA is temporarily suspending our scholarship assistance as the process of getting scholarship especially as an international applicant recently changed. We will continue support for this service when we are familiarised with the new policies.

How does Sponsorship work?

If your employers have selected you for certain scholarship opportunities, we can help provide your sponsors with everything they need to know about the schools in South Africa as well as where they can save cost in sponsorship. Additionally, we can offer a discount offer on multiple applicants.

Same thing applies in the case of a Non-profit, religious or individual sponsor.

SiSA has plans to take sponsorship to another level; whereby we will periodically approach prospective organisations to offer sponsorship with deserving applicants who cannot afford quality education.

What are SiSA Consultancy Fees?

We offer Free Consultancy services till 2017 however we charge a small token of between 10% – 40% for the cost of services to enable us facilitate logistics and run overhead costs as well as ensure a result-oriented deliver of services paid for.

Why should I Study in South Africa with SiSA?

How about 10reasons why you should try SiSA:

  1. SiSA brags about her ease of process and affordability. We are the most affordable exclusively South Africa Education and Travels Consultant in the world and if there is any other consultant offering same standard of service at a lesser price, we are always willing to beat that.
  2. We are not profit driven, at least for start. Our focus is results-oriented consultancy.
  3. SiSA is passionate about making your dream a reality. If you are serious about studying and/or living in South Africa and you’ve got a budget we can work with, we will assist you.
  4. We offer Money-back guarantees. No other education or travel consultant will offer you this.
  5. SiSA Support is available 24hours Online. Get answers to your questions any time, any day, regardless where you are in the world and the best part it – It’s FREE!
  6. SiSA is an exclusively South Africa Education and Travel Consultancy. We are a only South African Universities Education Consultant, hence our services are focused and well targeted.
  7. SiSA practically handles everything for you so that it becomes easier for you to just settle down and focus on whats more important, your studies.
  8. SiSA offers free flight yearly to encourage your dream. Every year SiSA partners with her sister brand TravelsandTours.co.za in giving away specials and giving away free flight to one lucky international student is one of the ways we are invested in our applicants.
  9. SiSAPays Referral Program can earn you extra cash before, during and after your studies in South Africa is done. You can practically pay for your studies with SiSAPays Affiliate Program.
  10. SiSA gives you the on-field advantage so you do not have to be here for things to happen. We are on ground here in South Africa with local know-how and route everywhere to achieve your study goals. Plus we give you the latest updates to realities on-ground.
What Do You mean By SiSA Guarantees

SiSA Guarantees is one our newest facilities, it simply offers sponsors and applicants the peace of mind they need while processing their studies in South Africa through SiSA. It guarantees that SiSA pays you back if the admission wasn’t successful.
SiSA Guarantees are available in 3 policies; 30, 60 or 90days money back. This simply states the period within which monies are refunded to applicants or sponsors.
You can purchase a policy for $100, $50 and $25 respectively.

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